Simple Activities To Stay Active & Energized This Summer🪁

As you dive into summer wholeheartedly, we have some exciting videos to share with you that are sure to keep you active and energized! We like these simple and low-impact workouts and activities because they’re easy to incorporate into your day. Let us know if you have a favorite summer activity/workout! 

Resistance Bands 

Looking for a great workout you can do anywhere? RESISTANCE BANDS! This versatile exercise routine is perfect for people on the go. 

Resistance bands are the perfect travel companion, fitting effortlessly into any suitcase.

Qi Gong

If you’re interested in invigorating your body’s energy flow with Qi Gong, I highly recommend checking out this video by Don Fiore. His easy-to-follow instructions will help you move those meridians and find your inner balance. 

Some days, you just wanna move with the breeze and the ocean. 🌊 See what you think.

Hula Hoop

Have you ever tried hula hooping? If you’ve always wanted to give it a whirl, this video is a great starting point. Just make sure you have enough room around you to master those impressive moves.

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