Stay Ahead of Illness This Season

💨 Stay Ahead Of Illness 🧣

Whether you’re spending time with loved ones in far off places or staying home for the holidays at the end of the month, we have some quick tips to avoid getting sick this season:

  1. Take Yin Qiao pills* before you get to the airport or train station. It’s also good to take as soon as you feel a cold coming on (sore throat, post nasal drip, sneezing). Keep taking recommended dosage until symptoms abate.
  2. Cover your neck and shoulders from the elements. In TCM, this is the point of entry for exogenous pathogens. Bonus: scarves make for great holiday photos!
  3. Keep masking and hand washing, especially in busy places.
  4. Take between 15-20 mg of zinc to enhance immune function. Try zinc gluconate or zinc picolinate for best results.
  5. Get sunlight early in the morning (by actually going outside) and catch the sundown at dusk. There’s nothing like getting in the groove of the circadian rhythm for a good night’s sleep.


*You can purchase Yin Qiao pills at the clinic.

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