House Plants & Qi Energy

Improving Qi Energy Through Houseplants

improving qi energy through house plants

Houseplants: everybody’s latest obsession. My living room now showcases quite a few plants that I can count on (to not die). And, in fact, they thrive without much fuss! They bring joy and add some class to the décor. Along with standing in the corner looking beautiful, my favorite houseplants have major health benefits. 

Here is an article about how houseplants can benefit our living space:

Snake Plant, commonly referred to as Mother-in-law’s tongue: Snake plants can tolerate both shade and direct sunlight, underwatering, drafts, and dry air.  One of the best reasons to keep one in the bedroom is because it can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. Interestingly, not many plants do this. Here’s more information on this amazing plant:

Prayer plant: Prayer plants are great air purifiers, removing toxic chemicals, improving your breathing, sleep, and mental clarity. The prayer plant gets its name because the plant’s leaves rise and fall over a 24-hour light cycle. I think these make great gifts, too.

Zanzibar gem, a.k.a., ZZ plant. This is probably the most forgiving plant you will ever have.  It can deal with anything you do, and it will adapt. According to NASA, it cleans indoor air by absorbing lots of nasty chemical pollutants. Read more about this mysterious plant:

If you’d like to get started on your house plant collection, Emma Sibley’s The Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery

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