Defending You During Allergy Seaon

Allergy season seems to have extended into summer!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, allergic reactions can be seen as a weakness in Qi due to many external pathogens, like pollen and wind. These 2 naturally occurring phenomena can really bother some people, but not everyone. A strong Wei Qi (your outermost level of protection) will keep the invaders out. Good news: Acupuncture strengthens your Wei Qi.

Think of Wei Qi as your first hand protection against environmental pollutants and stressors. Along with strengthening your Wei Qi, we also treat the whole body and address underlying causes that contribute to a weak Wei Qi.

Here are some tips:

  • Protect your lungs/Wei Qi by wearing clothes that keep neck and shoulders covered.
  • Use an air purification system in your home to filter out the allergens. This one is a good one.
  • Look for natural remedies for allergies. Stinging Nettles is quite effective and can act as an anti inflammatory as well as an antihistamine. We also have herbs like astragalus, immune enhancing mushrooms, and ashwaganda to help keep your symptoms at bay.
    • Please consider ridding your medicine chest of decongestants or antihistamines that are classified as “anti-cholinergic.”
  • Nasal rinsing to physically flush out allergens.
  • Come in for weekly acupuncture treatments during allergy season.
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