Comfy Reclining Chairs with Community Acupuncture

What's with the reclining chairs?

There are many benefits to getting a community style acupuncture treatment. It’s affordable, and you can usually get in on the same day you call….or, the next day. You can receive treatment next to a friend or family member, since we have room for many patients. 

One of the reasons this is all possible is because we use chairs. We have been using plush reclining chairs at ERCA since we opened in 2009. The question we frequently get asked is how on earth can we treat back pain if we don’t have access to the back?

Our answer: distal points. That means that a point on the side of your hand can bring relief to the spine. A point between the big toe and second toe can treat a migraine! If your belly hurts, we will utilize a point just above the ankle bone. Neat, huh?

We can use ear seeds which can treat anywhere on the body, and you will leave with with a stick-on acupuncture treatment.

If we absolutely must get to your backside, we have a table available, as well. You’d just need to reserve it in advance by calling the clinic. But for almost everything, the recliners are the perfect place to receive a treatment. We have cozy blankets and eye covers available, too.

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