Alternative Therapy

💨 Stay Ahead Of Illness 🧣 Whether you’re spending time with loved ones in far off places or staying home for the holidays at the end of the month, we have some quick tips to avoid getting sick this season: Take Yin Qiao pills* before you get to the airport or train station. It’s also … Read more

What is Seed Cycling and How Does It Work? Seed cycling is a food-based approach to hormone balance that involves eating two sets of seeds during each phase of the menstrual cycle. The first phase of the cycle* (days 1-14) is called the follicular stage. At this time, you would ingest 1 tablespoon of pumpkin … Read more

jade screen bottle

Did your grandmother ever chase you around admonishing you to dry your hair before going to bed, rather than let your wet hair hit the pillow?  Were you told never to walk outside barefooted? Were you ever scolded for not covering your neck in the winter?  What about drinking too many cold beverages?  In TCM, … Read more

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Here at ERCA, we are stocking our shelves with many types of mushrooms. Perhaps you have checked out the fascinating documentary on Netflix called Fantastic Fungi. Watch it, and you will learn about how mushrooms provide communication between trees and aid in their healing. The Brains of the Forest Mushrooms are known as the brains … Read more

rocks and circles in the sand of a zen garden

This time last year, COVID-19 had changed the world. The clinic was closed, and my mind overflowed with worries. Would the clinic survive?  Will my landlord still expect rent?  Should I spray bleach on my groceries? Baking sourdough bread, riding my bike, and doing jigsaw puzzles were not cutting it for stress relief. In an … Read more

flower in a blissful green background

I have found the perfect mix of ancient China and modern L.A. bling, after a 30-minute session on our new Amethyst (as in gemstone!) Far Infrared mat. F.I.R, as we’ll now call it, can come in the form of saunas, light therapy, and gemstone mats. The mat is the safest (and least sweaty) way to … Read more

clock showing when it is time to stop intermittent fasting

Does the idea of fasting sound like something you’d rather not try? Worried that you’ll faint, get a headache, slow down your already screwed-up-metabolism or miss out on the “essential” nutrients everyone needs? Well, if you want to see someone who has been experimenting with fasting since September 2017, look no further than your friendly … Read more

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