Alternative Therapy

flower in a blissful green background

I have found the perfect mix of ancient China and modern L.A. bling, after a 30-minute session on our new Amethyst (as in gemstone!) Far Infrared mat. F.I.R, as we’ll now call it, can come in the form of saunas, light therapy, and gemstone mats. The mat is the safest (and least sweaty) way to … Read more

clock showing when it is time to stop intermittent fasting

Does the idea of fasting sound like something you’d rather not try? Worried that you’ll faint, get a headache, slow down your already screwed-up-metabolism or miss out on the “essential” nutrients everyone needs? Well, if you want to see someone who has been experimenting with fasting since September 2017, look no further than your friendly … Read more