15th Anniversary – Still Buzzing From The Community Love!

Wow!! What an incredible turnout we had at our anniversary celebration on February 25th! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, received ear seed treatments from Steve and me, and mingled with new friends. We saw families, dogs, longtime patients, and new patients! We wouldn’t be here without our community. Your word of mouth goes … Read more

Beginner’s Tarot Workshop

Ever wondered what the cards hold for you? Discover the art of tarot reading with expert Kaeli Quick and unlock a new level of personal insight.  Join us on Sunday, April 7 for our Tarot Card Workshop, perfectly tailored for beginners. Nestled in the heart of Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, this event is designed to … Read more

Celebrate with Us on February 25th!

Thanks to our community of patients, neighbors, supporters, and family, Eagle Rock Community Acupuncture is the longest-standing community acupuncture clinic in the area! We are grateful for your patronage and we invite you to our 15th anniversary celebration! Save the date and visit us on Sunday, February 25 as we toast to 15 years in … Read more

Portable Exercises

In keeping with the Glucose Goddess’ approach, we will endeavor to make no judgment on what we just ate… but, rather, work with our bodies to offset monumental glucose spikes and dips. One of the key principles is movement within 70 minutes of your last bite of food. This season, make sure to keep your body … Read more

Keep Your Glucose in Check During the Holidays

Keep Your Glucose in Check This Season Imagine NOT joining a new gym on January 2, 2024. NOT swearing off sugar, alcohol, or gluten on that very same day. What if you were able to pre-game your holidays, so that you wouldn’t get so derailed and need to start anew? Let’s start to strategize before … Read more

Scheduling Made Easier!

This is an Alert I am a description. Click the edit button to change this text. × Dismiss this alert. We’re thrilled to announce a change that’ll make your scheduling experience even smoother. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – all your contact information is already imported into Schedulicity. To access your new account, simply … Read more

Nurture Your Fertility Journey

Have you thought about adding acupuncture to your fertility treatment or reproductive healthy journey? Acupuncture, an ancient practice rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), focuses on balancing the body’s energy flow or Qi. It has been increasingly recognized for its potential to support reproductive health. Including acupuncture is especially helpful, due to many factors in … Read more

Debunking Acupuncture Myths

Like many of my patients at ERCA, your first exposure to acupuncture might have been at the movies or on television. If so, you were probably petrified of what you saw… from The Matrix to Kung Fu Panda. Here’s the reality…. Acupuncture needles are about the width of a human hair. In the United States, we use single-use, … Read more

Simple Activities To Stay Active & Energized This Summer🪁

As you dive into summer wholeheartedly, we have some exciting videos to share with you that are sure to keep you active and energized! We like these simple and low-impact workouts and activities because they’re easy to incorporate into your day. Let us know if you have a favorite summer activity/workout! Resistance Bands  Looking for … Read more

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