Biohacking to fit your needs

xero shoes - walking
Image: Xero shoes

I have a love-hate relationship with so-called “biohacking.” 

I realize that I do fall for a lot of it, and some techniques (like Intermittent Fasting) have made my life even better. I still don’t wear a FitBit or an Aura Ring, but I did buy a pair of Xero brand barefoot shoes after they were touted by my friends at Forest of Arden who are based in Berlin.   Their videos explain how shoes that have no lift, wide toe boxes, and flexible thin soles shift one’s gait which benefits the entire body alignment. Most shoes pitch us forward which is totally unnatural.  

It’s no wonder that after one month of wearing my Xero shoes, I noticed that my toes get into the action of walking.  And, yes, I do still wear socks. My ankles felt a little worn out on the first full day of wear. It is likely due to the fact that I am directly perpendicular to my base (my feet!).  

Now when I wear my old cushioned trainers to go walking, I feel like I’m wearing platform shoes.  It does take some getting used to, but I do like the feeling of the ground beneath my feet. 

One way to prepare yourself for barefoot shoes is to begin walking barefoot at home, as often as possible or in safe outdoor environments where you won’t hurt your feet. If it feels this good to walk on the ground, I may re-discover sunshine next 😝.  

Anyway, let us know your favorite biohack and we’ll give it a try!

xero brand shoes
Image: Xero shoes

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