House Plants & Qi Energy

Improving Qi Energy Through Houseplants Houseplants: everybody’s latest obsession. My living room now showcases quite a few plants that I can count on (to not die). And, in fact, they thrive without much fuss! They bring joy and add some class to the décor. Along with standing in the corner looking beautiful, my favorite houseplants … Read more


Biohacking to fit your needs Image: Xero shoes I have a love-hate relationship with so-called “biohacking.” I realize that I do fall for a lot of it, and some techniques (like Intermittent Fasting) have made my life even better. I still don’t wear a FitBit or an Aura Ring, but I did buy a pair … Read more

Kidney Energy and Menopause

How menopause affects kidney energy Menopause. The oft spoken about, rarely understood transition between life phases. It is defined as the time when menstruation/periods ceases. That means an entire year without a period. Traditional Chinese Medicine views the kidney energy as sustaining the metabolic process and decreases naturally as we age. When the balance of … Read more

jade screen bottle

Strengthening Our “Wei Qi” (Protective Qi)

Did your grandmother ever chase you around admonishing you to dry your hair before going to bed, rather than let your wet hair hit the pillow?  Were you told never to walk outside barefooted? Were you ever scolded for not covering your neck in the winter?  What about drinking too many cold beverages?  In TCM, … Read more

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Mushrooms and Their Incredible Medicinal Benefits

Here at ERCA, we are stocking our shelves with many types of mushrooms. Perhaps you have checked out the fascinating documentary on Netflix called Fantastic Fungi. Watch it, and you will learn about how mushrooms provide communication between trees and aid in their healing. The Brains of the Forest Mushrooms are known as the brains … Read more

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