I.F. Plus You

I.F. Plus You

Welcome to your new lifestyle where you are freed from trying to control your body by means of calorie deprivation, obsessing about the right way to eat, and unrealistic exercise regiments. Here at ERCA, we have a plan that you can make your own with Acupuncture and IF (Intermittent Fasting).

By integrating these 2 practices into your life, you will experience life-changing benefits with weight-loss as just one of them! Please read my blog to hear about my personal experience with this lifestyle.

The ways we approach better health and getting lean is by targeting the hormones which have the most impact on obesity, such as insulin, cholecystokinin, cortisol, ghrelin, and leptin. Your program is 5 weeks, in order to ease you into this lifestyle and help convert your body into a fat burning machine! 

  • You will receive two weekly 20-minute treatments, accompanied with weekly application of (take-home) ear seeds. These treatments are very specific to the manipulation of hormones and are NOT are not to be used in combination with other acupuncture treatments at the same time. If you already receive treatment at our clinic for other conditions, then those points will be not be included in these hormonally targeted treatments, though you can get the 2 separate treatments back to back. 
  • We include our special formula: an array of safe (non-stimulant) herbs to resolve phlegm in the body and sluggish bowels.
  • In addition, we have teas & special essential oil blended inhalers which assist in this process, to thwart cravings
  • A Facebook page which is a closed group set up as a forum for those participating to pose questions, read pertinent articles and get more out of the group experience
  • Please fill out the application to make sure that this program is well suited for you.

How Does it Work? 

Watch your transformation over 5 weeks and receive 10 (bi-weekly) hormone balancing acupuncture treatments, specialized herbal formulas, teas, appetite suppressing ear seeds and aromatherapy.

All of this included for $545

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