Welcome to Eagle Rock Community Acupuncture!

erca_storefrontWelcome to Eagle Rock Community Acupuncture. Since opening our doors in February 2009, it has been our mission to make acupuncture accessible to the many people who can benefit from this safe, simple, and effective form of medicine.

Not only is acupuncture useful to treat a multitude of conditions, it can also help prevent the onset of disease. (See FAQ) Typically, a single acupuncture treatment in Los Angeles will cost you between $80 and $150. Our affordable rates make it possible for a greater segment of the population to receive regular acupuncture treatments. We charge $40 at our clinic so that you can get as many treatments as you need. We also offer discounted treatment packages which give you even greater savings.

Benefits of Community Acupuncture

Under the Chinese health care systems patients receive acupuncture treatments several times per week; they are treated often and until health is restored.

This community acupuncture model ensures quality health care that is accessible, cost effective, and sustainable.

More importantly, it allows for walk-in appointments when a patient is in need of immediate care. It also provides a healing experience that isn’t isolating – where you can share it with family, friends, and your community.


For those who prefer a more private environment, we also have a private room.


10 – 2:  Monday

10 – 7:  Tuesday

10 – 7:  Wednesday

10 – 7:  Thursday

10 – 2:  Friday

10 – 2:   Saturday

Fridays in February


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Want to feel light and alive?

Welcome to your new lifestyle where you are freed from trying to control your body by means of calorie deprivation, obsessing about the right way to eat, and unrealistic exercise regiments. Here at ERCA, we have a plan that you can make your own with Acupuncture and IF (Intermittent Fasting).